INTERIM supply chain support

The reason to make changes or additions to your supply chain can be very diverse. Often, this process is driven by the need for lower purchasing prices of parts, but that's too easy.
First, you must consider whether the total costs are indeed lower, so including transportation and any import taxes. In addition, your supply chain will be more inflexible when transport times are longer, so the risks of unwanted stock and capital requirement may increase.
On the other hand, you may also have other advantages. If you outsource your production, you may have less capital requirement (WIP) during your order production process. You can also share part of the risk with your supplier and make arrangements for holding stocks of materials and components. The production time of products, particularly in Asia, is often shorter.
But the most benefit can be achieved by outsourcing a combination of manufacturing and assembly, and that combined with the advantages mentioned above. All in all, a supply chain process that must be designed and supervised carefully.

Ermalo Technical Supply can help you with this. We design the new supply chain and furnish this for you. Not only in theory but including contracts and agreements with reliable suppliers of our own network. Of course everything in very close consultation.